You Have to Respect General Contractors

By October 15, 2013Architecture, Life

After working in the construction industry for many years, most of my focus has been with architects and engineers. I spend a lot of time working with building designers, local Building Officials, and Fire Marshals to answer their questions and hopefully help get the products I represent specified in various building projects. The General Contractor duties of bidding, pricing, and project management have always been handled by my very capable distributors. I always knew that general contracting was a very important part of the building process. Without the General Contractor there would be no building, only lines on paper. I now realize that I sort of took them for granted.

Recently, I gained new and lasting respect for General Contractors and their critical role when I undertook a small renovation project. Getting bids, awarding contracts, coordination schedules of different tradesmen (carpenters, electricians, paving contractors, landscapers, etc.), and paying all of the invoices to get this project completed in a timely manner was an enormous and challenging task. There is a lot to take care of, for sure. I can only imagine the complexity of the general contracting tasks for big corporate, civic, educational, and medical projects that we are involved in.

If you are interested, please check out the short (4 minute) video below to see a quick overview of the project from start to finish. The before and after views at the end are interesting. After this project, I can tell you, never again will I take the GC for granted.

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