Top 5 iPad Apps for Sales Reps

For sales representatives, technology is key. Having an iPad can be a handy investment. If you don’t already own one, the hype is true: it’s small and incredibly powerful. Additionally, there are countless applications you can invest in for business. It will fit into any carry-on bag, making business trips that much easier. I am an incredibly big fan of my iPad. Here are five great recommendations for iPad apps to optimize your success as a sales rep. Check them out and give them a try.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox IconDropbox is an incredible tool. Within minutes you can set up a free Dropbox account where you can store 2GB of of your files. Paid accounts allow for up to unlimited storage space. Imagine being able to access your most important files right from your iPad anywhere in the world. Not only that, but they are completely secure on the Dropbox servers. In the event that your computer or external hard drive fails, Dropbox will keep your most important files secure and accessible. It’s also very user-friendly and has many public file sharing options. I use it to share large files such as presentations or even videos, which I could never do before. Remember, your potential customers and clients are counting on you to be on top of your game. Don’t be caught without the files you need. Dropbox can help you be prepared with everything you’ll need to make a sale and keep your customers happy.

2. Keynote

Keynote IconFor those who don’t know, Apple has their own version of Microsoft Office called iWork. One of the most useful applications is Keynote, a substitution for PowerPoint. Many professionals (such as myself) agree that Keynote is easier to use, automatically applies cleaner formatting, and always looks great. I love using Keynote from my iPad. You can build the slides and run your presentation right from the iPad, displaying it through a projector. My favorite part of the Keynote iPad app is the presenter’s view. Using the presenter’s view, you can see the next slide, presenter notes, and a timer. With this feature my presentations always go smoothly and never run over time. For sales reps who give many presentations about products, Keynote will likely prove very valuable and help you close your sales.

3. Pages

Pages IconPages is another app from the iWork suite. An admirable substitution for Microsoft Word, Pages has been delighting new users for years. One of the neat characteristics of the Pages app is that it contains tons of incredible templates ready to use. Browsing through their template gallery is impressive. They have everything from invoices to resumes to letterhead. Pages is without a doubt one of the top word processing apps available today. As a sales rep, you never know when you’ll need to whip up a professional looking proposal or other document. Next time you’ll be ready to go with Pages on your iPad.

4. Evernote

Evernote IconEvernote is another favorite for both business and personal use. Evernote is the ultimate notebook. Using the app, you can write notes, add multimedia, impressive formatting, and sync over the cloud. It’s quick and reliable. Imagine taking a business trip and easily jotting down thoughts, contacts, etc. directly into Evernote. Later, you log onto your computer and find all your notes sitting there, ready for you to follow up. Remember, keeping notes regarding potential sales deals is an extremely important part of being a successful sales rep.

5. Due

Due IconDue is most definitely one of the best apps for prioritizing and ensuring that work gets done when it needs to. This app makes it incredibly easy to set customizable reminders for your professional life. You don’t even have to make an account to use it, just download and start organizing your tasks. The possibilities for this app are huge. Reminders can be as simple as “When to stop steeping my tea” or as complicated as “Remind me to catch up with old customers every month.” As a sales rep, it’s impossible to remember everything that you should to be the perfect salesperson. Due can help you remember.

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