Impossible Staircases: Swiss Artists Having Fun With Creativity and Architecture

By March 19, 2013Architecture

I recently found this article from Architizer Blog and had to share it with all of you. You may not know but besides my interests in architecture and business, I am an artist and art lover. Seeing projects that combine my interests like this is always great. The article by Architzer shows various examples of how Swiss artists Lang/Baumann created staircases in impractical, outrageous, and creative ways. Check out the original article and some of the photos here.



Impossible Staircases

Swiss artists Lang/Baumann love stairs. The duo has devoted an entire project on the theme, a series of Surrealist scenarios that could easily be nightmares. Stairs of all shapes and styles are, it needs to be said, physically suspended—no Photoshop here—from the sides of towers and coiled around castle turrets, found hovering in art galleries and shooting down palazzo halls. – Architzer Blog

Photos: Lang/Baumann

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