Smoke Guard: How it works, how to operate, and how to maintain. [video]

The following video is an excellent resource that I wanted to share with anyone who already has a Smoke Guard system or is interested in how it works. The video is an excellent presentation about how the system (models 200 and 400) works, how to operate it, and how to make sure it continues to work at peak performance. Check it out:

Want the bullet points?

Why use a Smoke Guard System?

  • In a fire, smoke travels up elevator shafts and is very dangerous
  • Unprotected elevator doors can pull smoke from one floor and spread it to all of the floors in a building
  • Smoke Guard contains smoke by covering elevator doors quickly and efficiently

How it works:

  • Smoke Guard systems are hidden in a roll directly above every elevator door
  • When smoke alarms are sounded, the system activates and fire resistant smoke shield roll down to cover the door
  • Smoke Guard magnetizes to the door frame, creating an air-tight seal, but allowing firefighters to easily push through and exit the elevator
  • There is also a button in the center of the film that can be pressed to open the door for passage.
  • The system also activates in the event of continued loss of power
  • When the smoke detector clears or power is restored, the Smoke Guard system automatically rolls back into place

The building owner should inspect and test the system every six months:

  • Activate the smoke detector directly above the elevator door
  • Make sure the curtain unwinds smoothly and meets with the floor
  • Some slack in both cables is normal
  • Both magnet strips should completely cover the auxiliary rails or elevator frame
  • Make sure the film and seal at the floor are intact and stable
  • Press the rewind switch to make sure the film rolls up correctly
  • Adjust for telescoping if present (as seen in the video at 3:00)
  • Reset the smoke detector and make sure the film rewinds into the housing
  • Test for loss of power by turning off power to the unit via a switch on the right of the control box (which can be accessed by opening the housing door with the key provided with the system) – demonstation at  3:42 in this video
  • If you find any damage, contact your local distributor or Smoke Guard Technical Services: 1-800-215-6138

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