Dalmatian, A Fireman’s Best Friend

Photo by Robert Neff

As a lover of dogs, I’m often fascinated by stories and facts about “man’s best friend.” I recently read an article about Dalmatians and how they are linked to firefighting. It was a great read and I highly recommend it.

Did you know that in the days of old (the 1800’s), firefighters traveled via horse-drawn carriage with only a limited supply of water? This was a very stressful and dangerous job for a horse. They would often get extremely restless and it would affect their job performance. There were also many thieves who chose fire departments as easy targets. They would often steal the horses and supplies. It became increasingly hard for the firemen to prevent the robberies. That’s where the dalmatians came in.

Dalmatians value family and companionship, and were bred to find companionship with the horses. They would protect the horses, firemen and supplies from thieves and keep them company throughout their long and stressful work days. Because of this, the dalmatian quickly became a symbol for firefighting and an integral part of the system.

Reading about this was very important to me, not only as an owner of dogs, but someone who works in fire protection and smoke control. I know how destructive, dangerous, and stressful fires can be for people, so much so that I’ve made it part of my living to promote wonderful safety products like the ones offered by Smoke Guard. It’s inspiring to read how my favorite animal has been playing a similar role for hundreds of years! I hope that you learned something about dalmatians after reading this post, and that you’ll give the next dog you see a smile or a treat to say thanks.

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