Google’s Search Changes & Why They Affect your SEO

By February 20, 2012Sales and Marketing

I know that a lot of our partners have recently updated their websites or are planning to do so. These new Google SEO changes could have an impact. It would be good to keep these items in mind or talk to your website developer about how to optimize your site to adapt to these changes. Architects, Engineers and General Contractors are turning to search engines such as Google as their regular means of finding products and sub-contractors rather then traditional yellow pages or blue book (on-line or paper) directories. Therefore it is very important to rank among the top sites for searches on Google, Bing, etc.  ideally appearing on the first page. This is an excerpt from a blog article called Google Just Went Kung-Fu Panda on Your SEO which summarizes the changes nicely.

In April of this year, Google released the first of its “Panda” updates. We heard a little bit about these, but it didn’t make huge waves on the web. Then, however, on November 3rd, they released the biggest update yet. This new update impacted upwards of one-third of all searches/websites.

Some articles I’ve read are calling this the biggest news for Internet marketing in 2011. That’s how big of a deal this is. Your entire formula for SEO/blogging is impacted. The two main things to note with this update – the things that matter above all else:

  • ORIGINAL content
  • Overall layout/design/user experience

A few other things of note:

  • YouTube results jumped by 27%
  • Local results are huge. You need to be utilizing Google Places ASAP
  • Sharing matters – and not just the number of shares, but the authority of those sharing
  • Good spelling/grammar matter now more than ever
  • Average time on site, bounce rate and repeat traffic matter more than ever (see Google Analytics)

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